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Welcome to HollyHood

Express yourself.


Discover. Share. Earn.

HollyHood is a mobile app that enables users to earn from their social media activity. Creators share music, video, film, art and other cool digital content, while connecting with friends and followers who participate in the success of the art they support. In Hollyhood, participation = appreciation and everyone wins. Discover and be discovered, Share your world, and Earn for being you.

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HollyHood App Features

Social Media Reimagined. 

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Engage audiences and instantly monetize live broadcasts from a mobile device or secure RTMP feed.

Express Yourself

Be YOU. Share any type of media, on your terms, to your audience. Everyone earns.


Hangout with creators from all over the world, create and collaborate from anywhere.

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Who We Are

Of the People, By the People, For the People.

HollyHood was founded by a diverse team of passionate cultural influencers and entrepreneurs who believe that social media should be democratized. Users should be more than just a set of eyeballs for advertisers, and instead, should be rewarded for their activity and participation. Creators should be free to monetize their art on their terms.  At HollyHood, we are powering the next generation of creators with the tools to create an economic ecosystem where everyone wins: creators monetize their content while fans & followers are also rewarded for their participation and engagement.

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Meet the Team


Hey, I'm J. Sean Diaz, the Founder of HollyHood. Professionally, I'm a DJ, lawyer, and university professor, but at my core, I'm a curious music and film, tech geek that loves to create things. I'm on a mission to provide Creators with a meaningful platform to thrive in the new digital economy. I believe anything is possible when media, entertainment, and technology converge. Everyone has a voice and HollyHood is a place to express yourself through music, video, culture, and vibe.

J. Sean Diaz, JD - Founder

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